The development of the bodywork in our company dates back to its foundation.  As part of the development and construction of the body, we work on their individual components.  Which is the welded body (floor section, door frame, roof including roof mechanisms and other subcomponents). We also work on panel parts such as doors and lids, and the engine bonnet and fender.  In addition to the classic design, we also similarly collaborated on a pre-developmental design for the hybrid lid. (replacing the plastic solution with the use of composites).
All design activities are created in collaboration with design departments, CAE / FEA and the development of press tools.


This is a 3rd generation body for the Škoda Fabia.  In this project, we contributed to the development of the welded body. At the same time, we were developing and constructing the fifth door for the car. Additionally, we have proposed welding points for this vehicle, which is included in the drawing documentation.


In the field of plastic development we carry out conceptual, designing and developmental work for interior and exterior parts in the automotive industry.  Our specialists are involved in the final look of the instrument panels, seats, door panels, storage boxes, central consoles, control mechanisms, lining and tools for practical use of the luggage compartment (car boot). And furthermore, they are involved in the development of bumpers and other protective plastic body parts including tuning packs.


The dashboard for the Škoda Fabia was one of the first complex projects for the development of interior parts in cooperation with both the Škoda factory in the pre-development phase and the Magna series supplier.  Interestingly enough, it was the first ever single-piece instrument carrier.


Electro department works on development of electronics for automotive. It develops and tests automotive systems, electric vehicles and especially cable harnesses. HIL and SIL testing and development of Hardware and Software.

Virtual simulation and virtual testing are the latest specialization of the department. This field significantly improves product development and validation. In the future, electro department is going to develop in other areas, such as aviation and train transport, in addition to automotive work.


Our department for developing lamps includes a leading team of designers with several years of experience in the automotive industry.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from design proposals and conceptual designs to serial production designs.  We closely cooperate in head lamp development projects where one of our key clients is the automotive concern in Mlada Boleslavská and also a Tier 1 supplier, such as Varroc Lighting Systems, HELLA Autotechnik NOVA ...
Today, our portfolio has more than 40 successfully completed development projects in the field of car lights. Since the founding of the company in 2000, we have been working with Škoda Auto to develop all the previous Fabia, Rapid, Superb, Octavia, Yeti, Kodiaq and Karoq models. Among other things, we have also contributed to the development of leading lamps for such brands as Bentley, Volkswagen, Renault, Land Rover and Jaguar.


The headlamps on the Škoda Superb were one of the first major projects in which we participated in developing designer headlamp parts in cooperation with both the Škoda factory in the pre-development phase and the Hella light supplier, with whom we cooperated to bring the headlamps into production.


In order to comply with safety and legal regulations as well customer requirements, we perform stress calculations and simulations to test rigidity, strength, durability and dynamic behaviour of select design solutions in development, not only for cars but also for rolling stock. We evaluate current solutions and design developmental structural improvements, used materials and technological processes based on output from the PamCrash, MSC.Nastran and ABAQUS professional applications that we use for calculations and simulations of static, linear and non-linear dynamic tests, crash tests, impact crew behaviour, and functionality of security systems.


In the field of aggregate set development, we propose combustion engines, mechanical transmissions, undercarriage parts and shift control panel covers. Our engine developers prepare engine design concepts, address their construction, come up with a new design solution, create the drawing documentation, accompany changes and provide prototypes. In transmissions development, we mainly deal with the design and testing of mechanical gearboxes and shifting covers. We also participate in the series accompaniment of MQ200 mechanical gearboxes for the entire world.

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