In the first half of 2016, a new design manual for an interior solution was completed for both regional trains and express trains of Czech Railways.  The design manual was prepared in cooperation with AUFEER DESIGN and graphics studio Najbrt.
When creating the visuals for the new Czech Railways design, we focused mainly on the overall modernisation and illumination of interior space.  We tried to achieve a sense of quality and comfort and to create some dynamic elements that would pass through all segments - both regional and express.
We also tried to achieve a timeless appearance and sense of comfort, both by using quality materials - wood, glass, metal; as well as to achieve an overall pure shape for the interior elements. The use of all-leather seats with stitching in the 1st class cabin of the express segment further enhances the feeling of quality and an overall "premium look".
The new pattern of seat and carpet covers in part became the unifying line for all segments, along with the system for using chrome and aluminium elements on the components that passengers come into direct contact with. All handles and grip rails on the edges of the fold-out tables and waste bins are materially distinguished by the use of chrome in the 1st class cabin and aluminium in the 2nd class cabin.

In both segments, a lighting solution draws up a pleasant interior atmosphere - the main source of light is complemented by ambient lighting, which is again emphasised in the 1st class cabin where, apart from the ceiling, it is also integrated in the window sill.

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