In the design for the Chemnitz tram, we tried to build on the fact that Chemnitz is a modern city with interesting and contemporary architecture and a rich cultural heritage.
The entire exterior of the vehicle is designed to fit right in with the city streets and become an integral part of it. The architecturally timeless rendition of the entryway to the underground parking garage at the Kaufhof Gallery became an inspiration for the exterior graphics.  The steel glass structure appears futuristic and dynamic, and because it is located in the immediate vicinity of an important tramway junction, we came up with the idea to connect the tram with this junction.
For the interior of the tram, two ideas were created at the beginning - one is inspired by the technical advances that Chemnitz supports while the second one puts an emphasis on cultural values above all others.  The resulting solution is ultimately a well-defined combination of both these designs, and the most striking feature is the new seat covers, which come from the original seat cover design as requested by the customer. The proposed graphics for the seat upholstery are timeless and have carried over into other public transport vehicles operating in the city.

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