Zetor Major

A more emotional approach was taken for the design of the new Major tractor. The modern shape combines courage, strength and reliability.
These virtues are reflected in the tractor grill.  Its negative inclination, which is inspired by history, and the distinctive shape of the entire grill together give off a vivid impression.  The traditional Zetor logo is also shifted to the centre of the grill, which is a bold element of the design and one of the key links in the cross-section across all model lines.
The dynamic lines divide the volume of the bonnet, visually lighten and stretch the bonnet, and leave a typical red colour that highlights the visible sections of the tractor and underscores its main shapes. The technical surfaces are then lacquered with black to naturally blend in the bonnet with the machine cabin.  The roof also takes on this philosophy.
The area around the working headlamps become a distinctively shaped element, and the headlamps are integrated into the mass of the roof to form another typical design feature for the new Zetor range.
The division of material is also repeated on the wings, where the dividing line is blended together with the shape of the bonnet.  
The new design strongly supports the dynamic attitude of the machine, underlines its functionality and represents a new step for Zetor.

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