We have created several conceptual designs for aircraft interiors that represent different styles of modern luxury. They refer to the romanticism of travelling by air. We took luxury elements from the automotive industry and projected them into these designs. To better emphasise the atmosphere of this experience, we've created 3D animations that are a natural part of our graphical presentation.

Autonomous Flying Taxi Concept

VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) flying taxi concept is a vision of future mobility technology. Thanks to autonomous technology the occupants can simply program their itinerary and just enjoy the ride. The vision is conceived in a design scenario situated in a futuristic metropolis.

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Premium Helicopter Interior Concept

This tailor-made luxury interior is designed for both private and corporate flight operations.

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A vision that captures the future of the aviation industry, mainly in business class, that combines comfort with a pleasant style. Atmosphere is created by a design that is pure and luminous, a key element in the aviation industry.

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In this concept, we focused on the modern interior design of the Bombardier Global 8000, where we wanted to develop a different approach to luxury interiors in the field of small corporate aircraft. We decided to capture the dynamics of the aircraft and project that into its interior design.

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First class

On the 787 Dreamline Boeing Platform aircraft, which offers plenty of room for travel in the first-class executive cabin, we put the greatest emphasis on privacy. Our main purpose was to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for comfortable travel.

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