clay models

Design development on physical clay models is an integral part of the design process. We provide full range of modeling services, starting from the armature construction, all the way to production of presentation quality exterior and interior models in scale and full-size.

Hard Models

Hard models are the most accurate presentation of the final design for our customers. Their advantages include superior finishing, high surface quality, accuracy, and shape stability. We provide the production and precise finishing of such models, using composite materials, artificial foams, sealants, and laminates for their construction.

Design samples and mock-ups

Development of individual components and details is an integral part of the design process for a complete product. This is the reason why we ensure the production of samples and mock-ups throughout our design process, using rapid prototype manufacturing technology to the highest degree.

Functional HMI + electronics

Our services include development and implementation of HMI, from 2D proposals to fully functioning interactive prototypes. We design and develop mock-ups, prototypes, and complete testing solutions for vehicle electronics.




3D scanning

Precise measurement

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