AUFEER DESIGN was established in the year 2000 offering engineering and development services to the automotive and rail stock industry. Soon the company obtained its Quality standard certifications. The standards process ISO9001 and ČSN (Czech Standard Specification) EN 15085 – 2:2008 and the national certification standard for rail stock welding. The scope of services stretched out to Industrial Design, A-class surfacing, industrial automation, project management and the manufacturing of prototype tools. Contemporarily AUFEER DESIGN expanded its activities to Germany, Italy, China, Mexico, Russia and other countries answering to the increasing customer needs. In 2006 the company merged with the Matador Group, and further branches were opened in Slovakia and Mexico.


Our Innovation Centre is the place where our ideas come to life. From initial design strategy through high quality physical models to detailed technical production files, we handle the whole design process in house. AUFEER DESIGN will rank itself as one of the leading companies in Central Europe that is capable of providing all of these services under one roof. It's new Innovation center is a big step, which will enable the company to attract global clients.

We develop models and full-scale mock-ups studying its ergonomics and its technical requirements. The close collaboration with our engineers enables us to create feasible design, delivering high quality products.


AUFEER DESIGN will support international companies to shape the mobility and the lifestyle of the future. Starting From Prague, the cultural capital in the heart of Europe, we strive to establish our Innovation Centre as a leading global design house.


Grant projects

AUFEER DESIGN, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is implementing the project Centre for Industrial Research and Verification of Complex Units using modular technology of AUFEER DESIGN, the aim of which is to extend company capacities for conducting industrial research and development. The result should be a new centre which will ensure a unique approach to the design and creation of complex units within the early phase of industrial research. This project receives financial support from the European Union (OPPIK).
AUFEER DESIGN, s.r.o. is implementing the project Acquisition and Reconstruction of Brownfields of the company AUFEER DESIGN, s.r.o., the aim of which is to transform two existing brownfield sites, plot no. 42 and 43 in Mladá Boleslav into a modern commercial building. The result shall be an expansion of the facilities for company’s chief activity. This project receives financial support from the European Union (OPPIK).
AUFEER DESIGN, s.r.o. is implementing the project Shared Services Centre for the field of research and innovations of the AUFEER DESIGN company, the aim of which is to create a centre for securing graphic, drafting, construction and designer services with a minimal number of positions of employment. The result should be the provision of individual services and integrated solutions in the field of design connected works for clients, which will contribute to improving the general effectiveness the process of placing the final product on the market. This project receives financial support from the European Union (OPPIK).


Within the scope of the Centre for Industrial Research and Verification of Comprehensive Whole Sets using the modular technology of Aufeer Design (OP PIK) project, a centre has been established for R&D, involving the acquisition of a building, machines/equipment and other furnishings.

Acquired items:

  • Modelling facility
  • Wenzel RAD
  • 20200/3000/2500 measuring and trimming device
  • ATOS Compact Scan 5M 3D scanner Stringo S3 handling cart
  • CAD workstations and notebooks from Fujitsu, including accessories, and tablets from Wacom Cintiq
  • Plotr HP Designjet z5600 PS 44"
  • Ricoh MP C3004exSP printer
  • SW Creo SW Catia – module HD2 PLM ENOVIA system
  • Network infrastructure

In connection with this establishment of the R&D Centre, we are now able to offer the following testing:

Wenzel RAD 20200/3000/2500 measuring and trimming device

  • Creation of prototypes and functional units within the vehicle's coordinate system
  • Measuring of reference points
  • Preparation of settings and configuration of kinematic elements in prototypes
  • Trimming of development statuses

ATOS Compact Scan 5M 3D scanner

  • Digitisation of components and prototypes
  • Analysis of the kinematics and deformations during installation, and testing of the functional units and prototypes
  • Preparation of analyses and evaluation during and after functionality tests
  • Verification of dimensions and quality of the surfaces of scanned objects




  • Catia V5
  • Creo
  • Icem Surf
  • Autodesk Alias Surface
  • Autodesk Showcase
  • AutoCAD LT
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Alias Design
  • Microstation
  • Robcad
  • Process Designer
  • Ansa
  • MSC Nastran
  • Pam Crash
  • Abortex Iso Draw
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Comsa LDarado
  • DS Abaqus
  • Autoform
  • PLM DS Enovia
  • Tebis

Data exchange

  • SFTP
  • IBM-Lotus Sametime
  • Polycom
  • KVS
  • TeamViewer

Software DS CATIA, Siemens RobCad, Siemens ProcessDesigner, Autodesk Alias Surface and Autodesk Alias Design, purchased after 1 July 2011 are co-financed by the European Union from the OPEI Potential - Call III. within the framework of the Aufeer Design development centre project.

Tebis, DS CATIA, IBM - Lotus Sametime, DS Icem Surf, DS Abaqus and Bentley Microstation software are co-funded by the European Union from OPPI Potential - Call III - Extensions within the project Aufeer Design, s.r.o.


Aufeer Design is a proud co-owner of the BK Mladá Boleslav Ice Hockey Club. Within the last ten years that we have been supporting this sport, and we represented the most successful season in the history of the club. And the history of the club goes way back - in January 2018 we celebrated the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the Skating Club.  
A lot of things have happened within this last decade - mainly that for the first time in history, we have advanced to the highest Czech competition.  Despite stumbling a bit in the beginning, we didn't lose and we now have several victories under our belt. The biggest success happened at the semi-final play-offs in the spring of 2016. We also take great pride in participating in the prestigious European Championship, where we played in the 2016/2017 season in Sweden and Belarus thanks to our success in the semi-finals.
A number of great players have served on our team (or still play for us), the likes of which include David Výborný, Michal Broš, Jakub Klepiš and Michal Vondrka.  We were also lucky to have the coaches that we did, such as František Výborný or Vladimír Kýhos. 
We are also a club where so many good players have emerged that have never left the public eye. Jiří Hrdina, Radim Vrbata, Jan Hanzlík, Tomáš Hyka and Vojtěch Mozík all grew up with hockey in Mladá Boleslav.

Mladá Boleslav

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