Visualisation of the ice hockey stadium reconstruction

09. 3. 2020

AUFEER DESIGN created a complex design study of the reconstruction of the ice hockey stadium in Mladá Boleslav. The aim of the project is to improve and modernize the existing facilities for visitors, players and club managers.

The design is inspired by modern architecture with respect to the current visual style of the club´s general partner, ŠKODA Auto. This style is reflected both in exterior and interior thanks to the combination of green and white colours. The complex design should express the purity of the visual style and integration between the general partner and the hockey club.

The proposed vision of the reconstruction will allow more visitors to come thanks to improved capacity of the main arena seating space. Increased number of seats is made possible by additional seats in the corners and also under the roof of the stadium. Besides that, the current restaurant is to be relocated and replaced by more seats. The proposal also includes i.e. an extension of the entrances to the main arena. All this while preserving maximum comfort for visitors.

For the players and club managers our proposed vision means enlargement and modernization of the stadium facilities to improve their comfort. The plan contemplates the creation of a new bridge between the training and the main arena, where changing rooms, new offices and meeting rooms will be created.

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