An unique AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center will open in Mladá Boleslav

31. 8. 2018

AUFEER DESIGN is an international company specialising in the design, development, construction and computing of products and services within the automotive, railway and aviation industries. It is a subsidiary of the Matador Group, and has been present on the Czech market and abroad for 18 years. On August 30, 2018, the unique AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center opened its doors in Mladá Boleslav. By opening the AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center, the company will become an important player in the complex development of cars in Central Europe.

Comprehensive development services in one place

Mr Martin Zabadal, the general manager of AUFEER DESIGN, said: “By opening the Innovation Center, our company will join the elite group of Central European companies that will be capable of providing all their services in one place.”

Unique possibilities of the AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center

The Innovation center will be unique not only with its facilities and equipment but also due to the fact that it can provide the complex process of car development, beginning with the 2D drafts, 3D virtual model, all the way to the actual 1:1 scale model of the car. The main goal of the project is to create a complex portfolio of services to make the AUFEER DESIGN company ready to respond to the growing demand of their customers for comprehensive custom-made research solutions. The base of the project is in making the process of product creation faster: from the original idea and its externalisation to creating the prototype and detailed documentation, all the while respecting all the standards and requests by the customer.

Specialists for the entire process of car development

Know-how and specialists such as designers, model builders, sketch modellers, digitalisation experts, a-class specialists and calculators will be present in the new center in order to start the comprehensive creative and efficient research and development process, requiring the minimum need for sub-deliveries or missing know-how.

From Pininfarina to lead the AUFEER DESIGN center

Branislav Maukš, MA, will be the director of the AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center. Mr Maukš previously worked as a Senior Designer in the Pininfarina design studio in Torino (Italy). In this prestigious position, he worked mainly on projects for the Ferrari brand.

Projects that are not allowed to be talked about for the time being

The company works for many iconic brands such as ŠKODA, BENTLEY, PORSCHE, FERRARI, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN and others. Currently, its team of designers are working on the concept of the AF1 and AF2 automobile. One of the main goals of building the new AUFEER DESIGN Innovation Center is to create an environment where our talented design team and our current and new clients will be able to develop their designs on physical design models and functional prototypes. AUFEER DESIGN has an international team consisting of more than 215 specialists. They are currently working on projects that are not allowed to be talked about. However, everyone will talk about them in a few years’ time - the team is working on the visions of the future.


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