05. 4. 2018


AUFEER DESIGN has recently celebrated an incredible 15 years of existence, 15 years which form the incredible story of a company starting out with a dream and then achieving it´s dream and, maybe even exceeding it. This is thanks to all our employees, each of whom has played a key role in AUFEER's success.

In honour of this jubilee, a party was held for employees, which took place on 15th May 2015 on AUFEER DESIGN premises, where an extensive programme full of fun activities and great food was arranged, ending with a firework display.

The whole event began with thank-you speeches and a toast by company executives Jan Plachý and Martin Kel, concluding with CEO Martin Zabadal, who summarised the company's story in a presentation which included a selection of AUFEER employee names. This was followed by the cutting of a cake decorated in company colours and with the company logo and the anniversary message - 15 YEARS TOGETHER.

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