02. 10. 2019

AUFEER DESIGN designed the interior and the exterior of the 14EV electric locomotive for railway company ZSSK. The design respect the new design manual of Slovak Railways.

In 2017, AUFEER DESIGN participated in the design of the design manual for Slovak Railways. A colour scheme for the 1st and 2nd class coach interiors, and interior manual for regional transport were created. Soon, AUFEER DESIGN started preparation of the interior and exterior color design of the 14EV electric locomotive in collaboration with the Škoda Vagonka. The train is for the railway company Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK).

The objective was to elaborate the design that respects the new design manual, both exterior and interior. The design of regional transport is based on the ZSSK color scheme - a distinctive orange color, together with shades of grey is practical and timeless.

A total of 25 new units are expected to be operational over the next two years.

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