Renovation of the Jaguar E-type from 60’s

10. 11. 2020

In recent months one unique historic car has been hiding in our workshop. It was Jaguar E-type manufactured in 1965, which has gone through complex renovation process of the whole exterior body. The time did its work and negatively affected condition of the body, so a demanding process was required in order to to remove old layers of paint. Then imperfections were fixed and finally the exterior was painted with several layers to the final dark red color. With necessary technological breaks for the maturation of applied materials, the entire renovation took approximately two months.

However, this car was not the first renovation project that we made. We were able to fulfill dreams of several customers thanks to the exterior renovation of their historical cars. Equally remarkable names such as Mercedes-Benz Pagoda or Jaguar XJS have gone through our workshops and got a new shine for years to come.

Aufeer Design specializes in renovations of historical cars as well as serial production and racing cars. We offer complex services from removing old layers of exterior, through application of anticorrosive layers and sealant, up to the final painting and polishing.

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