13. 8. 2019

AUFEER DESIGN presents PRIM HOLE IN ONE. Nearly 50 years ago an interesting sport moment occured. Allan Shepard, the commander of the Apollo 14 mission, hit twice the ball on surface of the moon. That made him the first man to play golf anywhere else, than on our planet.

This event became the main inspiration when it came to design of the watch. The dark dial features a set of flying balls, which create small grooves in the surface. Every single ball is applied by hand with a special luminous paint, which glows in the dark, creating an original impression. This motive is complemented with a familiar golf term „HOLE IN ONE“, which is aligned with the number 1 on the dial. The overall composition is diagonal, which gives the watch a sporting dynamics. The leather band with its details and colours complements the visual style of the watch. Read more.


Prim has been manufacturing wristwatches in Nove Mesto nad Metuji for more than 65 years now. They are a symbol of quality and proof of the craftsmanship of Czech watchmakers. Almost one thousand operations are performed in the ELTON watch factory before more than 130 individual components are transformed into a wristwatch with a mechanical movement.

Manufacturing a complete mechanical wristwatch under one roof - that is something that less than the factories in the whole world are able to do. Thanks to this unique ability, Prim can offer the customers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of meeting their specific requirements and desires.

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