05. 4. 2018


As many as 2,000 small children experience their big life moments in an infant home instead of with a family. They have food to eat, a place to sleep and things to play with, but they are missing the most important things – a father, a mother and a family.

We supported a campaign called “Z rodiny doletí dál” (they will fly further from a family), which helps to place small children in families instead of institutional care. The campaign was launched by an open initiative of people called Dobrý start (Good Start), and it has already been supported by a number of celebrities (e.g.: actor Ivan Trojan, model Andrea Verešová and others), and it is also supported by individuals and entire teams, and we here at AUFEER DESIGN have supported it as well.

We created paper airplanes in the form of swallows, which read "Z rodiny doletí dál" (they will fly further from a family). We let the paper swallows fly to the sky in the outdoor areas of our company, AUFEER DESIGN, and took a photo together during the occasion.

So why swallows?

When a paper swallow is properly thrown, it will fly far. If it is not properly thrown then it will quickly fall… The same is true for children who are fragile just like a paper swallow – a good start to life is extremely important for them. They also point out that just as swallows that do not fly alone but in a flock, even children who are unable to defend themselves have great support from the public, which cares about them. Finally, the “first swallow” is also the Zlín Region, where the infant institutes were completely abolished last year.

We here at AUFEER also want to change this. We are glad that we were able to be a part of the work and help increase the public’s interest about the fact that small children do not belong in institutions. If you want to be part of the campaign, then do not hesitate to join. More information is available at www.dobrystart.cz

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