Designing of Brandrink bottles

27. 8. 2019

Aufeer Design developed an innovative bottle design in cooperation with the Brandrink company. It comes in several versions. The bottle is sleek and dynamic, it can be used multiple times and it is environmentally friendly.

The shape of the bottle is inspired by the dynamics of movement, expressing the spirits of sports. The graphics are complemented by high-quality printing technology and it features an innovative, patented cap. The cap is replaceable and you can choose from several flavors. Its content is an energy-intensifying syrup that is mixed with water from the bottle in use and results in a customized flavor. The bottle is a unique product providing a personalized experience to satisfy the end consumer.


The company Brandrink is an exclusive supplier of promotional and gift products that combines quality and design in sophisticated bottles and precise printing technology. In cooperation with ISOLINE, the supplier of energy drink ESCALATE, the Brandrink brought to the market an unrivaled product that has the potential to reach out to a wide audience while reliably meeting the needs of demanding customers.

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