Designing a cult caravan

15. 4. 2019

Eriba Touring 820, the flag ship of Touring lineup of The Hymer company has a distinctive style. Its Simple and clean design is conceived in an aluminum-skinned steel cage bodywork. A consistent record of innovation.handmade craftsmanship method that is still in use for over 60 years.

Aufeer Design made an esthetic nod to the past in a futuristic way. The spacious interior features round shaped furniture, inspired of modern yacht design. It comes with a panorama lounge with Bohemian-inspired wood paneling and leather upholstery.


Since its foundation in 1957, HYMER has been a household name in motorhomes and caravans “Made in Germany”. The company is not only notable for its long tradition and passion for La nave de la bandera de la alineación Touring de The Hymer motorhoming, but is also one of the leading manufacturers in the premium sector thanks to its high standards of quality and consistent record of innovation.

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