05. 4. 2018

AUFEER DESIGN financially supported the student project Formula Student at the Technical University of Liberec. The presentation of the newly designed formula, bearing the name Eliška, which was completed by students after nearly two years, was attended by representatives of our company on 21 May 2017.

Formula Student is an international student competition of more than 500 univer-sity teams from around the world. Individual teams compete in a number of static and dynamic disciplines in order to demonstrate their ability to build a functional racing vehicle with regard to design, performance, control, safety and the envi-ronment, including an emphasis on the economy of the entire project.

The Formula Student team of the Technical University of Liberec currently has 15 Members, with approximately 50 students participating in the design of the formu-la across various faculties. Most of the components and parts were made by the students on their own.

The bulk of the costs of designing the formula were covered by sponsorship dona-tions by companies that collaborate with the university, and at which students of-ten take traineeships. We are delighted that Roman Rybáček, one of the students who graduated from a traineeship at AUFEER DESIGN at the Plastics Department, was the Formula Student team leader. AUFEER DESIGN also wants to support young talents in the future.

Eliška will take part in her first race on 19 July 2017 in northern Italy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Roman and his colleagues, and we hope that they are success-ful with Eliška amongst the hundreds of technical universities from around the world.

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