AUFEER DESIGN created the design of the Markétka racing car that has just finished its first season

08. 3. 2019

A team of AUFEER DESIGN designers created the design for the student project of Formula Student under the auspices of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Liberec. The student formula was named Markétka. It has already taken part in two important races. The first of which was in Varano (ITA) and the second one was in Most (CZ).

Not only speed and acceleration are evaluated in these races, but also the actual design of a formula. The design of the formula received very positive feedback and was rated as the best among all participants.

Formula Student is an international student competition of university teams from all over the world. Individual teams compete in a number of static and dynamic disciplines to demonstrate the ability to build a functional racing vehicle in terms of design, performance, manageability, safety and the environment, including an emphasis on the economic aspects of the project.

Each part of the racing car (formula) is being developed by students who also test individual parts that must comply with the expected standards and rules of the competition. Majority of components and parts was created virtually on a shoestring by the students themselves or with support of our partners. The full-carbon bonnet is very interesting, having more than 160 machined aluminium parts inside, designed and manufactured by the students.

The team of the Technical University in Liberec – FS TUL Racing has many ambitious projects prepared for 2019, including both reducing the total weight of the racing formula, manufacturing a better gearbox, improving the aerodynamics, applying more carbon parts, flawlessly tuning the formula before races and many more.

Major part of the costs related to the racing formula construction was covered by sponsor donations from companies that cooperate with the university, where students have professional internships. We are glad that Roman Rybáček, one of the students, has become our full-time employee and is close to the formula racing team.

AUFEER DESIGN intends to support promising talents with the chance to be employed by the company that gives a green light to the young people.

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